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The boat La Leyenda del Pisuerga


La Leyenda del Pisuerga is a river boat, characterized by paddle wheels located at the stern, in the style of the old Mississippi steamers. Built in the Besaya workshops in Torrelavega, it entered service on July 16, 2003.

Designed for river navigation, it has a length of 25 m. a height of 6 m. and a maximum draught of 1 m. and it provides an air-conditioned saloon and an outside deck with capacity for 130 people. It makes a route that begins and ends at the dock of the Moreras beach, arriving in the vicinity of the bridge of Hispanidad in a journey of approximately seventy minutes.

Significant works of remodeling and improvement of this boat were carried out in 2013 and, with the aim of involving not only to the people of Valladolid but also all the lovers of this boat, a survey was held to collect ideas for a new name for it. But as we received replies to our request, we were surprised that a large majority (63% of the emails received) asked us to keep that name, because they had many pleasant experiences on the ship, and they wanted to keep them in their memories.

We were pleased to know that passionate loves were met there, marriages were forged that still last, lost friends were reunited, impossible loves were said goodbye, new years were welcomed, parties were celebrated, or quiet chats were held that live on in the memories of many of those who passed through there.

Because of this and due to lots of beautiful stories, experiences and times we have spent on the old deck of La Leyenda del Pisuerga, we decided to keep the name with the same intention to continue enjoying our Leyenda del Pisuerga.

It is worth adding that the writer Martín Verona, in his book La Corte de los ingenios, mentions in his pages the famous ingenuity invented by Don Jerónimo de Ayanz, “La Leyenda del Pisuerga“, with which they thought to enter London and finish with the Pérfida Albion in the time of Felipe III. Another good reason, without a doubt, to continue to maintain its name.

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La Leyenda del Pisuerga has been developing in the last decade a new business project, focused on developing and enhancing the possibilities of this emblematic ship of the city of Pisuerga.

The improvement and refurbishment work carried out in 2013 brought significant benefits for the ship:

– Improved weight and stability ratios to increase, in this way, passenger capacity.

– Optimization of comfort and aesthetics on the upper deck and, in this way, being able to expand the capacity of the ship, making it easier to use it for different events.

In addition to the sightseeing tours, in which it will be possible to go from Playa de las Moreras to Arroyo de la Encomienda-Hotel AC, a significant project has been developed to take advantage of the proximity that Valladolid has with the rest of the regional capitals and also with Madrid, creating closed packages of one or two days to visit the province of Valladolid and its capital, with the Ship as an important link of the tourist offer, offering company dinners, presentations of products and services, private parties, musical pubs, etc.

Besides, there is a River Nature Classroom focused on all the children of the schools of Valladolid and its surroundings, where the Flora and Fauna of the banks of the Pisuerga River are explained, taking advantage of the crossing of the boat.

This important bet with all the initiatives mentioned above, will surely help to increase the interest of Valladolid’s tourist offer.

We trust that all these projects will help this voyage of La Leyenda del Pisuerga to reach our friends and clients.

Thank you all for your interest. We greatly appreciate your comments and evaluations.